Internal version: SPRD3
Boot downloaded.
Start boot please wait a moment....
Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
CPU TYPE:SC6531 [65310000]
FLASH ID: 00EF004000160000
Flash Type:[WinBond] W25Q32BV
Reading completed.
The data has been saved in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Conspeed M129\_20150715_171530_FullFlash.bin, size: 4 M.
Screen Lock input order:
¢Ù ¢Ú ¢Û
¢Ü ¢Ý ¢Þ
¢ß ¢à ¢á
[screen lock]:5441

Software has two ways to find password, it may have different results to click button again.
Looking for passwords,please wait...
[Phone Lock] 1234
[Phone Lock] 4321
>>Looking for passwords complete.

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