Windows Phone 8/8.1 Flashing Started
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================================================== ====
Windows Phone 8/8.1 Lumia Flasher
================================================== ====

If the Phone is ALIVE
1. Power On the Phone and Connect it to the USB Port

If the Phone is DEAD
1. Connect Phone to the USB Port
2. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER Buttons
3. Wait until the Phone Vibrates Shortly...
4. Stop Pressing the Buttons...
================================================== ====

Nokia Phone Info Mode Initiated...
Please wait upto 15 Seconds for SW Reset
IMEI: 359182055688108
Product Code: 059V466
Module Code: 0205952

Continuing Previous Boot...
Please wait upto 30 Seconds for Boot Re-entry

Boot Flash Mode Successful...
Buffers Flushed OK...

Phone Info Query Start...
Blocks Returned: 0x07 Blocks
Block ID 0x01 : 00241000
Block ID 0x02 : 00240000
Block ID 0x03 : 00E74000
Block ID 0x05 : Nokia.MSM8227.P6137.1.2
Block ID 0x0D : 0001
Block ID 0x0F : 0301010100000101FF
Block ID 0x10 : 0100130000
Checking SD Card Size...
Card Size: 0x00000000
Checking Platform Security Status...
Platform Secure Boot Status: Active
Secure FFU EFUSE Status: Active
Debug Status: Active
RDC Status: Not Active
Authentication Status: Not Active
UEFI Secure Boot Status: Active
Checking Secure FFU Mode...
Secure FFU Mode :
Query Flash App Information...
Flash App Information: 02010F011C00
Flash App Protocol Version: 1.15
Flash App Implementation Version: 1.28
ROOT_KEY_HASH: 25C0C84AECBD154F817825B24D4EB4BCF5E606E66228BD6A77 997ACC54710C5E

Sending Image Signatures...
Image Signatures Accepted!
Erasing Data Partition...
Data Partition Erased Successfully
Preparing Buffers for DATA LOOP...
Allocating System RAM OK!
Start Sending DATA BLOCKS...
Finished Sending all DATA BLOCKS!
Exiting FLASH Mode via REBOOT...
Exit FLASH Mode Successful!

Flashing Done!
Total Flashing Time : 00:02:16

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