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Ntool updates & news [only here]

Anyone with setool2 credits can test NTool

1 credit for flashing
1 credit for bootloader unlock generation

supported any HMD smartphone - nokia 1,2,3,5,6,6.1,7,7 plus,8

so far supported :

- flashing of original .NB0 files or original unpacked .NB0
!!! make sure you using proper firmwares for your phone model !!!

- FRP reset

- bootloader unlock signature generation
!!! make sure you double check IMEI and SERIAL NUMBER BEFORE REQUEST !!!

instructions to use bootloader unlock signature :
install fastboot drivers for phone.
power off phone.

fastboot -i 0x2e04 flash unlock <signature file>
connect phone to cable
fastboot -i 0x2e04 oem unlock-go
follow instructions on phone display if any
- EDL and BROM boot repair not supported yet, it is planned in next versions - so carefully check firmwares and not remove cable during procedure.

- ALWAYS connect powered off phone !!!
If phone in FASTBOOT mode - connect phone to cable, start operation, then press and hold volume up + power buttons until phone restart